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Working as a PA can be rewarding and fun, it can also be physically and emotionally hard work. Working with people will always bring rewards, it can also bring its upsets. People are like that.

Before we launched UK PAs, Personal Assistants said that they often felt isolated, having little support and without access to a formal programme of regular training. UK PAs connects you with other personal assistants who can provide cover when you need it. We offer you training in key areas and ensure you are kept up to date – together with a public profile so those seeking care can see you are up to date. We help you find more work if you have capacity. We also provide a forum where you can ask other PAs questions and get expert help.

  •  Up-to-date training.
  •  Support in finding more work.
  •  A network of PAs to turn to.
  •  A forum to ask questions and get help.
  •  Clients pay direct – we don’t take a cut

Over the coming weeks will seek to build networks with other organisations so information and support can be accessed easily.

The benefits of having a strong online presence is that it will help promote you as a professional PA, highlight what you can do and highlight your skills, knowledge and understanding. It will also bring you into an online community where you can ask questions, share information, gain support and advice. It will hopefully breakdown any feelings of isolation.

Being part of a community will also help you to meet PA’s in your area and cover holidays and any unplanned breaks in your provision of care and support to your clients.

Through UKpas you will also be able to meet potential clients as it has a free registration scheme. Clients will be able to find PA’s in their area and through your personal profile match their needs to the services that you offer. So, if Fred likes football and so do you (just don’t fall out over the clubs you support) that might just be the match maker.

UKpas does not take a cut for any payments from either you or the client. The important thing is for the PA and the Client to form a positive, supportive relationship and to receive safe and professional care.

UKpas does not pretend to be a professional association or registerable body, nor will we be providing legal advice. We will provide information regarding legislation, codes of conduct, best of practice, policies and procedures as issues arise through the Forums, etc. As stated we will be building our links over the coming weeks in order that you can access a wider support network.

We seek to build a community of PA’s who have access to the tools they need to be able to do their job in a professional and accountable manner, have a strong online presence from which they can meet new clients, have access to ongoing CPD materials and access to an effective support network.