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As we approach the removal of Covid 19 restrictions in England on 19th July with the rest of the UK remaining slightly more cautious but on course to follow suit, many questions are being asked about the impact this will have on the safety of both individual employers and their PAs.

The continued use of face masks and the enforcement of them in the workplace, when they are no longer mandatory elsewhere is a particular concern for many.  As is evident by Transport for London’s decision to enforce the use of masks beyond the 19th July, the government’s decision, while altering some people’s perception of the risk, should not interfere with a personal or organisational decision to keep applying certain restrictions in other settings.  

We are monitoring this situation closely and in the process of putting together an advice note for individual employers to provide further guidance.  

In the meantime and as always, ILG Support are available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week to advise MBL policy holders and DP support teams.  

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