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The ILG Community is a UK wide network of individual employers of Personal Assistants.

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Member Benefits


It is FREE to join the ILG Community and once signed up you will gain access to the below benefits immediately. If you are unsure or have any questions before joining please feel free to contact our steering group.

Private Facebook Group

Keep up to date with recent independent living news, share your thoughts and get involved with the group.

Template Documents

Download useful employment documents such as Employment Contracts, Staff Handbooks and Template Risk Assessments.

ILG Podcast

We provide up to date advice and information for individual employers receiving direct payments or personal health budgets.


Ask The Steering Group

Ask us a question and we will look to find the answer. Also on this page you will find Q&As that others have asked and shared.

ILG Support: Guide Notes

Get the latest guidance on the most talked about topics involving Direct Payments & Personal Health Budgets. 

Newsletter Archive

Get the latest guidance on the most talked about topics involving Direct Payments & Personal Health Budgets. 

ILG Community Mission Statement

“Creating a space for Personal Assistant Employers to share experiences, get support and unite their voices in order to help shape health and care services across the UK.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ILG Community?

A free national group for PA employers across the UK. The group is open to those that employ PAs directly or those who run a budget for someone else.  Any funding source is welcome including self-funders or those who get their funding via Social Services or the NHS.

We cover the whole of the UK and have representatives for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We offer peer support and provide resources via a Facebook group and members’ website.

How is the group funded?

Independent Living Group provided ILG Community with some start-up funding, which the steering group manages. How the group uses this funding is decided by the ILG Community committee.

What does ILG Community do?

The steering group meets monthly to set our agenda and work on current projects. This past year we have focused on putting the building blocks in place to run the group. Individual members of the steering group attend various meetings to put forward the needs of PA employers. This includes meeting regularly with the Department of Health and Social Care, other existing organisations, regional peer support groups, meetings run by local councils and more.  We have spoken at the House of Lords.

Do I have to be a Mark Bates Ltd policy holder to join the ILG Community?

No. Any individual employer of PAs can join the ILG Community. It is a seperate and independent group. 

Why should I join the ILG Community?

ILG Community is led by a committee of individual employers in the interests of individual employers. The Facebook group is a place where you can reach out to others for support and ask the steering group for guidance and support.  ILG Community has a mission to ensure the voices of PA employers is not left unheard. By joining the community, you will stay informed and will be able to attend a variety of free online events, webinars and peer support session.

How do I sign up?

To join the community, click the “join us” link above and follow the instructions for full access to our suite of resources and archived docs. You will then be directed to join the ILG employer private Facebook group.

What if I don't have Facebook?

You will still have access to our great suite of documents, newsletter archive, podcasts and more. You will also be added to our mailing list and be able to contact the steering group via the “ask the steering group” tab in the members area.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.