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ILG Community Event – A Call to Action:

Keeping our lives our own


Tuesday 20th February 2024


Chat Transcript

Colin Slasberg – Campaign for Real Care


With ever reduced funding in social and NHS care – this has led to some worrying outcomes.

Just in the past month we have heard increased reports of policies aimed at slashing budgets, illegal blanket policies and the terrifying proposal to push those into care homes against their will if the cost of care is deemed too high.

As a group we’ve also been very concerned about the use of forced surveillance in homes – ranging from demanding minute by minute reports on use of care hours, through to invasive cameras or sensors being placed in homes to ‘monitor’ how people are using their budget, or how often they need to use the toilet.

We also will be discussing the impact that councils taking PIP/DLA as income will have – further pushing disabled people into poverty and increasing care charges.

We want to look at ways we can stand together to fight back against such policies and demand our right to a life we choose. The law is on our side and councils need to be challenged.