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Employers must reduce the risk of injury to their staff by:

  • avoiding those manual handling tasks that could result in injury, where reasonably practicable
  • assessing the risks from moving and handling that cannot be avoided
  • putting measures in place to reduce the risk, where reasonably practicable.

We are offering 2 Individual Employers in each of the following regions, the chance to have FREE TRAINING, in their own home, using their own equipment.

  • Surrey
  • Richmond-on-Thames
  • Kingston-on- Thames
  • Ealing
  • Suffolk
  • Norfolk
  • Solihull

We will undertake a person centred Moving &Positioning Risk Assessment. You will be fully involved in decisions about how your care is met. This will reassure you about the safety and comfort of your equipment, and how it and the methods used will ensure your own safety and the safety of your staff team.

This training is offered on a first come – first served basis.

For further details of this and other free training available in other areas (Subject to eligibility)

Contact: Bob Hall

Call: 07514 093616