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ILG Community Event – Making Change in Social Care


Tuesday 19th September 2023

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The separate chat transcript is available here to follow the discussions and questions that occured on the day on the event.


Join us online for an exciting discussion on transforming social care. This event brought together individuals passionate about creating positive change in the social care sector.

We heard from Lyn Romeo, Chief Social Worker in England who answered a a range of questions submitted by members.

We then had a panel featuring:

Donna Murray from Social Work Scotland has 30 years of experience in the social care sector, and has also been a PA for 20 years.

David Clayton from the Welsh Social Services and Integration Directorate.

Jane McMillan the Professional Social Work Officer from Northern Ireland.

Stephen Watt who is a Commissioning Manager in Adult Social Care at Essex County Council.

It was a facinating discussion and well worth a watch.